Sleeping Wealthily takes a brief nap… but is now awake!

When I first created this website back in 2018, I had embarked on a brand new journey. It was a journey to help you wake up from a financial nightmare that this country has called the “American Dream.”

I was going to use this website as a personal journal… documenting my successes and failures on the way to living the life of my dreams, financially. That would mean, to me, a world that wasn’t burdened by debt. A world that wasn’t surrounded by fear. A world in which I feel secure enough to tackle most issues in my life.

Also, I wanted to bring you along on this journey with me. By you seeing what I went through, hopefully it would help you from making some same mistakes I’ve made.

Now, as I’ve said, this was back when I first started this website in 2018.

So, what happened?

One word… four letters.

LIFE. Life Happened.

So, after the last article I wrote back in 2018, I had some ideas on the next direction I was going in. I have actually been trying out some new tools that could help (or hurt) people when it came to getting their life to turn around. Then life started happening.

2019 was an action packed year. Thank goodness it didn’t result in any changes in my job status, but it did result in some changes. My girlfriend decided that in order to help us save money, we’d decided to move in together. So, we did that. She moved in with me at my tiny one bedroom apartment.

Then, other things started happening. We decided that a tiny apartment wasn’t going to work anymore, so we tried to get a bigger apartment. Unfortunately, both of us weren’t doing to well in the financial department. Plus, since we were bent on finding a new place, I had to change the terms of my rent. That resulted in higher rent costs. More rent, meant more money needed. More money needed meant I had to work a little more.

Extra Money Helped Finances… But Not Other Stuff

The current full-time job that I have pays just enough to be okay. But, there are times when I needed some more money, as I’m sure you can relate to. On the side, I’m a freelance web designer. With that side business, I actually did pretty well. However, rising costs and other issues that can pop up when running your own side business kind of made things a little difficult, such as time.

My normal full-time job can be, well, stressful and very time-consuming. While there was a desire to make more with my freelance business, I didn’t exactly have enough time to commit to it as I wanted, too. If you combine those things together, then you get to a point where life can make you feel, blah.

I had a lot of other things going on with me, too, that weren’t completely financially related. They eventually led me to a point where I had to go and speak with someone because I was so stressed out that it was hard for me to focus at times.

Wide Awake and Ready To Go… With You!

Now, it’s 2020. I find it odd that NOW I decide to “wake up” and get back into this venture with Sleeping Wealthily. Considering that the entire world is now looking for away out of a financial nightmare that has been caused by the coronavirus.

If you have been financially impacted by coronavirus in some way, my heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to you and your family. I didn’t really have a point to this post. It was just to give you an update as to where I’ve been dealing with.

But, I also want to let you know that we are going to make it through this pandemic. We are one day going to wake up from this terrible disease and be able to go back to work again, feel the fresh breeze of the ocean wind hit our face, hug our friends and family, and do many other things that we’ve taken for granted for so long.

I’m also here to let you know, that I will also work to do more to help you wake up from your financial nightmare this year. You will definitely need it now more than ever if you’ve lost your job or have incurred serious debt because of the pandemic.

So, stay encouraged and let’s pinch ourselves, because it’s time to wake up!

Your Thoughts and Comments

How has these past couple of months impacted you? What story during this pandemic or during the last couple of years you want to share? What did you think about the latest post? I’d love to hear what you have to say. Please, drop me a line below!

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